Ecolamp is a non-profit organization, operating in Italy and providing a complete and free service of collection and recycling of lighting equipment in accordance with the existing WEEE regulations.
Ecolamp is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001

Ecolamp was set up in October 2004 by the main Lighting Companies operating in Italy (General Electric, Filometallica, Havells Sylvania, Osram and Philips) to collect lamps and luminaires from our Members and their customers, in full compliance with the Italian decree 151/2005, substituted in 2014 by a new WEEE decree, n.49/2014; Ecolamp numbers among its members around 150 manufacturers of lighting equipment;

Ecolamp is the main Italian scheme collecting light sources, with a market share of approximately 55% and the only scheme specialized in lighting end-of-life products. Ecolamp has recycled more lamps than any other Italian scheme: over 10,000 tons since 2008. Ecolamp is active in lobbying government at national and European level to ensure the WEEE legislation is right for the lighting industry.

Lamp and luminaire technologies are converging with an increasing emergence of luminaires incorporating LED modules. The supply of a LED luminaire will create lamp waste and luminaire waste, so both waste streams need to be managed. The move towards LED luminaires is driving a need for a more integrated approach to waste lamp and luminaire collection, and Ecolamp are uniquely able to handle both waste streams.